EURODOM S.L. Company creates the most comfortable conditions for its customers. Therefore, in this section we will tell you about the trust management of real estate.


What is it and who needs it?

First of all, this type of services is necessary for owners of real estate in Spain, as well as potential buyers.

The issue of trust management always arises in situations when property is acquired for the following purposes:

  • Vacations and summer holidays (temporal use);
  • As an investment which can bring a stable income.

In addition, this service is very useful for those who do not speak Spanish language and do not know Spanish laws, as well as do not have enough time to manage its own property.


Exactly for such cases, EURODOM Company offers its services to you!


We sign with you a Contract of trust management of real estate within the territory of Spain, in accordance with which the owner transfers his real estate to EURODOM S.L. Company for the following purposes: rent, maintenance and timely transfer of funds (received from renting of the property) to the owners account. This Contract contains a clear list of powers and obligations of the Manager, including his responsibilities for the safety and security of the property specified in the Contract.



  • We monitor the condition of your property and, if it is necessary, we contact utility services to eliminate any malfunction.For example, a water leak may become an enormous problem for the owner, because in this connection he will have to pay bills for the spent cubic meters of water, compensate damage to third parties (if there is any) and repair its own house, apartment or office.
  • We control the timely payment of utilities (electricity, gas and water). Important: in case of non-payment or delay in payment, the utility services are disconnected, their reconnection will cost several times more than the primary connection.
  • We provide legal support in paying taxes on real estate and income.Important: in case of non-payment or delays in payment of taxes, non-payers will be punished with large fines.
  • We clean your property before and after your stay.
  • We receive all local correspondence for the owner of real estate.
  • We maintain contact with security services.
  • If it is necessary, we perform maintenance work for your real estate.


In case of rent:

  • We select tenants for you and check their solvency;
  • We elaborate a lease contract and a detailed report on the inventory of your property;
  • We receive and transfer keys and real estate;
  • We inspect and clean up your property before and after renting;
  • We resolve disputes with tenants;
  • If it is necessary, we renew your contract of lease.


If you have any questions or you want to get additional information about this type of services, please call us 966 88 88 55 or send us an e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.