Nowadays, glass rails are widely used in homes, apartments, bars, restaurants, offices and shopping centers.
The main advantage of this type of handrails is that they complement the interior, without attracting special attention and increase the space visually.
4 main reasons why Eurodom specialists recommend glass handrails:
  • Glass rails do not require any special maintenance apart from washing.
  • Do not block the view of the landscape.
  • Security. Even in the glass rails cracks it is not dangerous, because the laminated glass, when it brakes, does not crumble into pieces and still maintains its strength.
  • You can put images or logos on the glass.
In the company EuroDom you can request the manufacture and installation of glass rails of any complexity, as well as in any color and design.
Depending on the technical characteristics of the project, we use different types of methods for fixing glass rails, for example: on a metal profile, on a dot holders or the hidden framework.
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