1. Construction of houses
  2. Reconstruction of buildings
  3. Construction of low-rise buildings
  4. Prefabricated buildings
  5. Repair of offices
  6. Finishing works
  7. Facade work
  8. Roofing works
  9. Waterproofing works
  10. Land-use planning
  11. Heating
  12. Windows
  13. Water purification
  14. Smart House



Construction of houses

  • Elaboration of estimations, planning of construction works, if it is necessary – creating of a design project. Harmonization of the prepared documentation with the customer;
  • Preparatory stage. Dismantling of old structures, clearing the territory, if necessary - installing barriers for the site, construction of temporary buildings for working crews, storing materials and equipment;
  • Construction of building. Planning of the foundation with the supply of service communications, construction of load-bearing walls, ceilings, interior partitions, roofing, installation of doors and windows.
  • Internal and external decoration of facades. Facade decoration, decorative finishing in the premises, electrical installation, installation and connection of necessary equipment.
  • Commissioning of the house and signing of an acceptance certificate.

Construction of private houses can be carrie by using different technologies and materials. Their list is determined at the design stage. Our specialists strictly follow all the requirements of the project documentation, ensuring a high quality result.



Construction of low-rise buildings

Our Company offers the following services:

  • Design of low-rise buildings. We carry out it taking into account all the customer requirements, characteristics of the building site, requirements of regulations and standards;
  • General construction works. The company has its own fleet of special equipment, a staff of qualified employees. We organize the work in such a way as to fulfill it in a short time and with a guarantee of high quality;
  • Carrying out of separate stages of work. You can order the arrangement of foundation or overlapping, construction of walls or partitions, roofing works, thermal insulation or waterproofing, electrical installation etc. Works are carried out with the use of high-quality materials and with the observance of modern construction technologies;
  • Internal and external finishing work. These works are carried out within the framework of the design project approved by the customer. In addition, it is possible to order installation and connection of communications, arrangement of engineering systems etc;
  • Landscaping, including formation of drainage and storm water sewage, creation of access roads and parking lots, panting etc.



Prefabricated buildings

Our company designs and builds prefabricated buildings for the following purpose:

  • Warehouses and hangars;
  • Trade facilities (covered markets, shops, shopping centers);
  • Industrial buildings (workshops, studios etc.);
  • Farms and agricultural buildings;
  • Car services and car dealerships;
  • Public, administrative and office buildings;
  • Sports objects;
  • Residential houses and hotels.



Facade work

We offer the following services:

  • Repair and reconstruction of facades using different materials;
  • Lining works (finishing of facades with natural stone, tiles or artificial stone);
  • Decorative styling.



Roofing works

  • Roof design, calculation of the required amount of materials, preparation of estimates;
  • Installation of build systems, waterproofing and vapor barrier materials;
  • Laying  the roof covering (We work with metal, ceramic, composite and soft tiles as well as other types of coverings);
  • Installation of gutters, safety elements etc;
  • Arrangement of roofing thermal insulation;
  • Repair of soft roofing: strengthening and replacement of the failed roof covering etc.




The main goal is to limit the passage of moisture (water), because this element is the main cause of damage and destruction of premises.

We use the following materials for waterproofing:

  1. Cement (gunita);
  2. Liquid insulating membranes (paints);
  3. Bitumen membranes (asphalt material – Ruberoid);
  4. Polyurethane;
  5. Synthetic membranes (PVC sheets);
  6. Other water-repellent additives.

From the very beginning, it is necessary to take into account the fact that not all types of waterproofing are suitable for certain surfaces and that each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For your convenience, we have elaborated a comparative table of the characteristics of all types of waterproofing, taking into account their usual application.





Usual application





Does not let water pass


Takes up a lot of space (up to 15 sm)


Significant weight



Swimming pool


Liquid membranes





Since the layers are very thin, they can be easily damaged


It is necessary to have additional protection



Swimmimg pool


Bitumen membranes



Strong enough


 Does not withstand solar radiation


Additional protection is necessary








Also has a function of thermal insulation


 Very fragile


Rapidly destroyed by solar exposure



Diagonal tops and facades



Synthetic membranes



Acts as a bundle between different types of material



Very expensive system


Almost in all type of works


Различные добавки и присыпки



This system is used in the case when it is impossible to find another alternative



Can not guarantee waterproof up to 100%


Waterproofing of concrete walls with one-side formwork



Land-use planning:

  • Landscaping and planting of the territory;
  • Zoning. Creation of zones for recreation, sports and household activities;
  • Arrangement of artificial ponds, pools, cascades and facades;
  • Installation of small architectural forms (bridges, sculptures, park and garden furniture, arbors);
  • Creation of paths, platforms, pedestrian areas and parking lots;
  • Installation and connection of automatic sprinkler and lighting systems;
  • Arrangement of auxiliary elements of landscape design (fences, terraces etc.)




EURODOM S.L. is able to install heating in your house or apartment quickly and qualitatively. Selection of the right type of heating and water supply is one of the most important tasks for every owner. Our specialists perform installation and design of engineering systems of any complexity.

EURODOM Company operates in 3 directions in this field:

  • Under floor heating: 1) based on the action of the heating cable and 2) heated with special heating mats. The main advantage of this type of heating consists in the fact that it can be installed at any stage of the repair. Moreover, you can immediately lay the tile directly on the warm floors with a special glue. Thus, the installation of warm floors is much more cost effective in relation to the time of installation and putting them into operation.
  • Heating systems by water boiler– It is a closed chain consisting of a boiler generator, a pipeline and batteries. Circulation of water is maintained by a special circulation pump.
  • As a fuel for heating of the boiler can be: 1) natural gas, kerosene and others; 2) centralized energy supply or alternative electricity; 3) solar converters.
  • Heating system with solar panels – This type of heating is used exclusively for obtainment of electricity. It is most expedient to use it in houses with electric heating, systems of warm floors and special electric heaters. Nowadays this method is very beneficial for homeowners, especially in Spain, where the sun shines 11 months a year. If the heating is based on solar panels, your expenses are cut in half. 




  • CORTIZO (since 1972) Padron, Spain. Today it is the leading company in the construction of aluminum windows and doors in Spain. Reasonable prices and perfect value for money.
  • TECHNAL(since 1969) France. This manufacturer works in more than 70 countries, including Spain, considering all the needs and requirements of each of them. The main characteristics of the brand TECHNAL are the balance between price and design, as well as good quality.
  • SCHUCO(since 1951) Germany. The world's largest company producing aluminum windows and doors, it is a leader in technical and aesthetic development in its industry. This manufacturer works in 78 countries, including Spain. The main advantage is the revolutionary technologies that make it possible to make products up to 6 meters using hidden profiles (only the window glass without aluminum parts is visible). The main disadvantage is the cost of services.




Recently, many people are worried about the quality of drinking water, but at the same time forget about how important it is for personal hygiene and domestic purposes.

Water hardnessis one of the key indicators that determine the quality of water.

Over time, deposition of salts (in the form of precipitation) occurs on almost all surfaces because of contact with water. Such a scum is formed on the heating elements of washing machines, in steam generators of irons, in teapots and also on the internal surface of boilers and pipes of heating systems. Contact with such water for a long time affect your health.


To avoid all these problems and not to harm your health, you need to reduce the hardness of the water.


This problem can be solved by installing the following filters:

  • Sorption carbon filter– Designed for purification of water from various impurities;
  • Water filter under sink placement– This category usually includes multi-stage cleaning systems and, more rarely, classic reverse osmosis systems. It should be pointed out, that the main filters do not fall into this category;
  • Main filters– This type of filters is designed for installation into the main pipe. There are several types of main filters, for example, broadband filters are designed for removal of sufficiently large impurities from water. Installation of broadband filters is also necessary for the normal operation of water purification systems.
  • Main filtration systems with granular substances– universal main system of water filtration, which can effectively remove from water biological impurities, heavy metal compounds, chlorine and salts. So they perfectly combine the functions of a fine filter and a water softener. 




Smart House– is a modern type of a residential building, organized for your comfortable living with the help of automation and high-tech devices.


Everything is obvious! To make your life easier and better! Smart house - is accessible and simple, nowadays it is impossible to live without it.

With the help of our highly qualified specialists, we will equip your house or apartment according to the latest trends.

The main advantages of "Smart Home":

  1. Security- The system sends notifications from motion, leaks and smoke sensors as well as about opening the door in real time to a mobile phone screen, allowing you to react to incidents without any delay;
  2. Management- Modules of the system help to manage what is happening in the house on distance: turn on the light or floor heating, disconnect appliances and sockets from the network with a single click;
  3. Savings- Smart House facilitates the analysis of energy costs and reduces electrical power consumption. To do this, it is sufficient to create algorithms for the operation of household equipment and lamps, so that they work only when you need it.
  4. Aesthetics - Components of Smart House are miniature and merge with the interior.





Lighting control system

(ON/OFF regulation)



Anti-theft alarms

(through the central alarms or personalized)


Shutters control

(up, down and position)



Anti-panic alarms

(notify who you want when you are in danger by pressing a button)


Air conditioning 

(programing for turning on and off, control the position, remote control by SMS, or web, ways of energy saving)



Entries control

(digital fingerprint, remote controls, electronic keys etc.)


Programing for turning on and off electrical appliances

(TV, oven etc.)


Presence simulation


Facade control



Multiple options just pressing a button



Constant light regulation



Pool control


Technical alarms

(water leaks, fire, gas leaks etc.))



Intelligent watering



Interconnection between the different audio and video media available in the house

  1. Control of any multimedia device from any room;
  2. Listening and watching different things from different places;
  3. Multimedia resources centralization (photos, videos, music etc.);
  4. Videoconferencing;
  5. Video motoring;
  6. Control the intercom in every screen of the house;
  7. Media center. 




Budget of a Smart House depends on number of functions included into the system of equipment and project. The system is modular and expandable. This means that you can select only those items that you need. Modularity of this system allows its further expansion.

We will offer you the best solution of the Smart House system within your financial capabilities.

For more information, please contact us: 966 88 88 55 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .