EURODOM Company pays special attention to all aspects of its work, which in one way or another affect the relationship with man and the environment. Our efforts are primarily aimed at avoiding or reducing the negative consequences of this contact.


Environmental protection objectives:

  • Reduction of the internal load on the environment through compliance with rules and regulations designed for a long term;
  • Measurement of consumption (fuel, electricity, water etc.) and annual recalculation of the norms of this consumption;
  • When we purchase new vehicles, we take into account their environmental load.



Environmental protection during construction of residential buildings



An important condition for the construction of any building is measures for environmental protection. They allow us to reduce the damage that machines and equipment used in the construction of builds have on the soil, the state of air and water.

In order to reduce the impact of equipment and machines on the soil, we use special structures, which extinguish the oscillations that arise during the operation of aggregates.

In order to prevent pollution of the soil by sewage, we bring the sewage drainage to the existing sewerage system. Departure of dirty transport from the construction site is strictly prohibited.

Pollution from the construction site does not fall into the zone beyond its borders. All garbage from construction sites is exported to special landfills.

By carrying out all these environmental protection measures, we are able to reduce the negative impact on the environment during the construction of new buildings.