Hello, dear readers! Today we will consider the following question: What is NIE and what is it for? It is faced by all citizens who plan to make an important financial transaction (for example, buying a vehicle), buy an apartment, to do business in Spain or move to live here. Without this number, all these actions can not be realized.

NIE (Numero de identificación de Extranjero)is translated as "Identification number of foreigner". This number is issued in the central office of the national police of the province or region.

In general, in order to obtain the ID number of the foreigner, you must provide the following documents:

  1. A properly completed and signed EX-15 application form(2 copies).

  2. Provide a printed confirmation of your appointment (CITA).

  3. Passport (original and photocopies of all pages of the passport).

  4. A document confirming the economic, professional or social grounds for submitting this request.

  5. Duly filled and paid fee 790 code 012, you can pay in any bank branch - the amount of the fee is incomplete 10 euros.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that in each police station you may be required to have additional documents, although this is quite rare.

You can sign up for the registration of ID number of the foreigner using the following link:

There you will have to choose the appropriate province and category of service (in this case it's CNP - ASIGNACION DE NIE). After filling all the required fields, you will be given a choice of 3 days (3 CITAS). When your application is completed, please print out its confirmation.

The total period for registration and issuance of the certificate with the identification number of the foreigner is about 5 working days.

Attention: The certificate (document) issued to you in the police is valid for 3 months (specify the exact period in the police station), the ID number of the foreigner is not to be changed.

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