Advantages of living in a house

Hello, our dear readers. Today we will consider with you a very relevant topic regarding the hard choice between a house and an apartment. In this article, we would like to concentrate on the advantages of living in a house.


Let's start with the main thing.

What are the usual criteria we are guided in the choice of housing?

  1. There should be enough space for all family members;

  2. Ecological zone;

  3. Calm and safe area (urbanization);

  4. Proximity of shops, educational and medical institutions, as well as entertainment centers;

  5. Ability to get to work without problems.

Now we consider what factors can persuade your family and you to buy or build your own house.

What are the advantages of living in a house?

1. It is almost impossible to argue with the fact that the house is much larger and spacious. You have the opportunity not only to provide a separate room for each member of your family, but also to equip those rooms and premises that you could not afford while living in an apartment, for example, a personal gym, a library or a separate dining room.

2. The area in front of the house will allow children and you to be out in the open air more often, to practice there your favorite activity (for example, floriculture or yoga) or just have a good time with your friends and family. In addition, on the site you can park a car, equip a swimming pool, Jacuzzi or build a garage and a workshop.

3. You can always expand or reduce the area of ​​your house, as well as re-plan your site, it is impossible to do this with an apartment. It does not have a potential for growth, except when you decide to buy a neighboring apartment. As for the house, if you want and have enough money, you can always build an additional floor; make an arbor or an additional terrace, build a guesthouse and so on. A house with a plot is an option, which is much more flexible and practical compared to an apartment, square meters and limits of which are strictly defined and limited by law and your neighbors.

4. Eurodom S.L. company will built the house of your dreams.If you always knew what your ideal house should look like, and you are not satisfied with the ready-made houses, we are happy to help you to realize all your desires and original decisions.

We should add that the fundamental basis of living in a house is an ecological place and security.


As for ecology and nature, Costa Blanca is famous for its nature reserves, beautiful beaches and clean areas, free from harmful production.

Regarding security, you also do not have to worry. Our company (Eurodom S.L.) has been engaged in the installation of video surveillance and security systems for many years. Recently, installation of the “Smart House” systemhas become very popular among our customers; it allows not only to increase the security level of your home, but also to reduce significantly the amount of electricity you consume. This system can also be used in an apartment. You can read more information about the “Smart House” system on our website (in the section Services – Construction and Repair – Smart House).

Who might be interested in living in a separate (country) house?

  • A married couple without childrenand a family of elderly people.

  • Families with children. Especially families in which mother can raise children and do not work.

  • Families with animals.Your children and you have always dreamed of having pets, but the limited area of ​​your apartment, the need for walking animals and their intentions to eat something did not allow you to realize this dream. When you live in a house with a plot, everything is quite different. You can have pets of any size; fence a separate area for them both in the house and on the site.

  • Families with 3 generations. In this case, we are talking about large families, where parents, children and grandparents live all together. Both children and grandparents always have something to do on the site, especially when the second ones like gardening and just take care of the site. There are advantages for all generations. Grandparents take care of playing children, and parents are quietly engaged in their work both at home and outside. In this case, there is an obligatory condition is the presence near the house of educational and medical institutions.

  • For those who have more than one car

  • For those who work remotely.

  • For those who like gardening.

  • For those who like quietness and privacy.

Everything sounds logical enough and tempting, is not it?

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