Hello, dear readers. In our today's article, Eurodom S.L. company wants to share with you the most popular and old wineries of Costa Blanca. Every year wine tourism in Spain is becoming more and more popular. "Why not?" You will think, because visiting a Spanish winery with tasting and dinner is a great idea for wine admirers as well as for ordinary tourists and local people who want to have a good time with their friends and relatives, and also to get acquainted with the Spanish traditions and the culture of the winery.


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Hello, dear readers. Today we would like to consider with you a question about trust management or in other words administration of real estate in Spain (all the reasons and advantages of this way of maintenance of a real property).

Let´s start with the main thing.

For what purpose do people usually purchase real estate in Spain?

  1. Vacations and summer holidays (temporal use);

  2. As an investment which can generate a stable income;

  3. For moving and permanent residence.


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Hello, dear readers. Today we will discuss with you the following topic: “Escritura” and “Copia Simple”. What are they for? Two very important documents that you receive when you are at the final stage of purchasing of a real estate in Spain.

Escritura (in Spanish – Escritura de compra-venta) is an official document that is to be signed at the presence of a notary. In Spain this document is always made in Spanish language.


In the process of signing of Escritura participate the following persons (parties):

  1. Seller or his/her official representative (trustee)

  2. Buyer or his/her official representative (trustee)

  3. Interpreter of one of the parties (if it is necessary)

  4. Notary


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Hello, dear readers! Today we will consider the following question: What is NIE and what is it for? It is faced by all citizens who plan to make an important financial transaction (for example, buying a vehicle), buy an apartment, to do business in Spain or move to live here. Without this number, all these actions can not be realized.

NIE (Numero de identificación de Extranjero)is translated as "Identification number of foreigner". This number is issued in the central office of the national police of the province or region.


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Advantages of living in a house 




Hello, our dear readers. Today we will consider with you a very relevant topic regarding the hard choice between a house and an apartment. In this article, we would like to concentrate on the advantages of living in a house.


Let's start with the main thing.

What are the usual criteria we are guided in the choice of housing?

  1. There should be enough space for all family members;

  2. Ecological zone;

  3. Calm and safe area (urbanization);

  4. Proximity of shops, educational and medical institutions, as well as entertainment centers;

  5. Ability to get to work without problems.

Now we consider what factors can persuade your family and you to buy or build your own house.а.




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